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JAH Architects, LLC, located in Palmer Alaska, is committed historically, culturally, and environmentally sensitive architecture as well as to Alaska and Alaskans. In every project we seek to bring to fruition the owner's vision while maintaining an active commitment to our area's past, present, and future.

Careful and astute site use, project orientation, and appropriate use of durable and insulative materials and energy efficient systems create projects which enhance our community while reducing resource consumption. Care is taken architecturally to make each project a terrific and positive place to work, play, or live, while maximizing efficiency of work flows, traffic flows, and project systems.

Alaska is big, and needs big efforts to protect its pristine beauty, native wildlife and plants, and the diverse lifestyles of Alaskans.

JAH Architects takes positive action through sustainable and ecologically friendly business practices. We've reduced staff commutes, by allowing and encouraging our employees to work in or near their homes. We reduce paper usage through streamlined processes and digital workflows. We use recycled paper, and recycle and reuse as much as we can.

Architecture for our time and place.

"A logical regional architecture has for its origin the simple, early forms of building native to its own locale, and grows by purely functional methods into an indigenous form of art."

- David R. Williams, 1931

JAH Architects

Business office: 642 S. Alaska St. Palmer, AK 99645
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